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The grapes are cultivated and vinified from four generations choosing the best products of the Roero and Langhe areas. This choice privileged the most important territories, which, during the years, have benne able to interpret and reflect the maximum expression of the most important wines. Today this company manage 50 hectares of vineyards located on the historical hills of Laghe and Roero, in the following municipalities: Canale, Vezza d’Alba, Castellinaldo, Castagnito e Monforte d’Alba. Since 2007, this winery produces one of the most prestigious Barolo wine in the territory of the Ginestra cru.


Grape types

The maceration is carried out into steel vats and lasts about a week.

The wine is bottled in August and it is sold the following year (three years after the harvesting).

Main features
Intense ruby red; raspberry, blueberry and violets scent, with elegant spiced notes; the taste is structured with shades of cocoa and violets, but at the same time it has a long-lasting persistence.

Braised or stewed meats, game and cheeses.

Service temperature
16 °C – 18° C (60° F – 64° F)

About… Roero.

The Roero wine is produced in the homonym area, located in the Cuneo province, on the hills which overlook the Tanaro river. The “Roero” denomination is reserved to those red and white wines which respect the established requirements of production. The red wine labels bear only the mention “Roero” and it is a perfumed and elegant wine, of an intense ruby red colour. The scents is fruity and recalls violets and wild strawberries, very perfumed and spiced. It is produced with the nebbiolo grapes and there is the possibility to add 5% of other grape types with black berries. The minimum alcoholic percentage is 12.5%. The minimum ageing is 20 months, 6 into wooden barrels; if it is carried out for more than 32 months the wine can bear the “Superiore” qualification.  

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