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It was 1961 when the young Carlo Deltetto decided to produce his first vintage of Barolo. Thanks to this intuition today his company is one of few  recognised “historical wineries” with the right to produce Barolo outside the predetermined area, in fact it produce the wine directly in the cellars located in Canale.


Grape types

The macerations lasts about 30 days and the wine is immersed with the grape peels.

It is left to mature in wooden barrels for about 24 months and then it is aged  in  bottle for 12 months.

Organoleptic Features
Intense ruby red colour, violet and matured fruit scent with elegant tannin notes, good structure that makes it suitable for long lasting ageing.


Service temperature
18°C  (65° F)

About… Roero.

From the Braja’s vineyards, which means “shouts”, is created the Roero Riserva, the wine that unify the power and the elegance of Nebbiolo. The vineyard, inherited from the grandfather Aldo, is  I the municipality of Santo Stefano Roero and it is located in a beautiful position, among sandy soils which enhance the unique features of the Nebbiolo grapevines cultivated in the Roero area.

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