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From the love for places, people and wine stories, comes Vicino diVino, a project of territorial cohesion in the heart of the Langhe that combines wine and tradition, history and innovation, closeness and internationality. In the wine shops of La Morra, Bra, Treiso and Neive you will find a wide selection of great Piedmontese wines, rare wines, old vintages and much more.

The name immediately evokes a style, a passion, a natural propensity towards a world, that of wine, which is not just a job, but a sharing. This is  VicinoDiVino, a project that has a precise mission, that of extend the territorial cohesion of the Langhe, that combines wine and research, history and innovation, closeness and internationality. We are talking about oenological realities that break down barriers by bringing producers, lovers and enthusiasts together and places where wine is known, told, savoured, and this new and welcoming place, located right in the centre of Bra, is only the essence of a desire: to know and make wine a driving force of comparison, a continuous stimulus to improve.

That’s why, wandering among the shelves, you can choose from over 500 labels, or find the pleasure of conversation with a friend in front of a good glass to enjoy in one of the two rooms of the brand new restaurant.

The first wine bar which bears this idea of ​​innovative place was born in Bra, in Via Cavour 43. Opened in April 2019, the wine cellar Vicino DiVino has immediately become the new reference point for the good wine lovers.

What makes a stopover in this place special is not only the charm of the place, but rather the vast selection of bottles, from Barolo to Champagne, from local wines to those from beyond the Alps, produced by companies that share ideals and values ​​and love to talk about the territory from which they were born.

Bottles suitable for every event, to buy and drink at home or directly in the wine shop, both in the outdoor area and in the dining room. There is also a wide selection of labels for a never banal service, accompanied by local artisan salamis and cheeses; but also beers and drinks with spirits and niche liqueurs.

The service is always attentive and cordial, the tasty and cured proposal, the warm tones of the wooden furnishings make the atmosphere pleasant and relaxed, to guarantee of an always pleasant stop. And next to a rich selection of labels, there is a series of snacks that change every day with always new and sought-after proposals: cold cuts and cheeses from small local producers, as well as a selection of products that can also be purchased in the wine shop.

The Enoteca VicinoDiVino is open all day from Thursday to Tuesday from 10am to 10pm (and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays).

In addition to the regular service Vicino DiVino often organises tastings and meetings with wine producers, theme evenings and in-depth masterclasses.

Vicino DiVino is therefore a magical space, entirely dedicated to wine in all its nuances, where you can taste a glass, surrounded by great labels from the national and international scene.

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Vicino DiVino

Via Cavour, 43, 12042 Bra CN
Tel: 0172 190 8098

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