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The Nutcracker at the Toselli Theatre in Cuneo

Sunday 2nd February at5 pm and Monday 3rd February at 10.30 am at the Toselli Theatre in Cuneo, appointment with the IPUNTIDANZA season for the EgriBiancoDanza Company engaged in the new show “Nutcracker”, a famous fairy tale for children written by Ernest T.A. Hoffmann.

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INFO Fondazione Egri per la Danza | tel. +39 366 4308040


From this literary masterpiece, the ballet of the same name was created back in 1861 which, together with the other two pieces, fruit of the inspiration of the great composer Tchaikovsky, represents one of the highest achievements of classical ballet.

The Nutcracker, unlike the other two pieces, represents the bourgeois society of the late nineteenth century. Starting from this theme, the choreographer Raphael Bianco provides a contemporary reinterpretation by proposing an exploration of different dream worlds in which evanescent dreams, whimsical games and dreamlike fantasies, the result of young minds, take shape and substance.

The Nutcracker is a toy, a brave soldier who leads us to a world of cotton candy, colourful bon bon and fragrant candies, pervaded by perceptions coming from reality where however unconscious fears and torments are hiding and hiding.

During the evening a sweet tasting will be offered in collaboration with Venchi.


ADULT 15 € – REDUCED 12 € – GROUP 5 PEOPLE 10 € each

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