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Animated readings at the Filaglio di Caraglio

After the success of the first appointment, animated readings return to the Filatoio di Caraglio to discover the figure of Leonardo, life, art and his inventions.

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 The appointment is for the whole family, on Sunday 9th February from 3 to 5 pm, with the interpretations of Giulia Brenna and Omar Ramero of the Cloud Eaters Cultural Association. The readings, which will last about twenty minutes, will take place repeatedly and will be free.

The exhibition “The other canvas by Leonardo. The ingenious inventions of textile machines “, can be visited until 16th February 2020. Through engaging video installations, you can discover the artist’s ingenuity in the development and invention of devices and machines for textile art. With a particularly scenographic setting that evokes the mechanisms of the gear wheels present in Leonardo’s designs, you can admire the wooden models of some machines he conceived, including the automatic mechanical weaving loom. You can also retrace Leonardo’s studies on improving the mechanisms and automatisms that make up the entire production process of the silk thread.

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