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In addition to the beauty of the wine landscapes that capture the eye, in the Monferrato you can find many examples of contemporary art.

The chapels of David Tremlett

The artist David Tremlett, after the creation of the Barolo Chapel in La Morra, moved from the Langhe to Monferrato to give life to two new projects: the “wall drawing” of the Chiesetta di Coazzolo ended in 2017 and the more recent work in the Chapel of San Maurizio in Santo Stefano Belbo in 2019.

The small Church of the Beata Maria Vergine del Carmine, still consecrated, was built in the late seventeenth century in the open countryside, with a view that sweeps over the Moscato hills up to the Monviso.

Silvano Stella creator and client, with the support of the London gallery Genillard, is not only the owner of the castle of Coazzolo, but is also the driving force of the initiative. The building, with its more than 300 square meters of external pictorial surface, features the main technique of the Wall Drawing, the artist’s preferred language, which has also drawn on its past as a sculptor to design the works on the facades and on the roof . The surface has been divided into three parts with as many dominant colours: yellow for the portico atrium, Siena for the body of the church and olive green for the sacristy and the basement.

In the Chapel of San Maurizio in Santo Stefano Belbo, on the other hand, the artist in the scan of geometric shapes has taken up the relationship between sign and architecture typical of his research. For the 400 years since its foundation, the monastery, owned by the Gallo family, after a four-year restoration and based on the most rigorous respect for the history and landscape that surrounds it, now houses a refined Relais Chateaux residence. The work of David Tremlett, “Wall Drawing in Pastel for OPEN SPACE San Maurizio“, is the result of the collaboration between Relais San Maurizio and the gallery of Torino Noire Gallery.

This is another example of colourful art to admire, in addition to the famous Big Benches by Chris Bangle and the giant pencils located between the rows of the wine producer Pico Maccario: over 50 pencils of all colours created by the artist Aldo Divano and spread among the hills of Mombaruzzo.

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