A landscape that has remained intact over the centuries

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The Grana Valley winds gently between the Stura and Maira Valleys. The slope is slight in the initial stretch and accompanies the tourist who crosses villages and ancient hamlets that overlook the Grana stream.


This is a city that through its community has committed itself to building a brilliant future studded with entrepreneurial skills and remarkable tourist attractions. In short, a place where you can rediscover the pleasures and treasures of this immense “Granda” province. In the medieval old town we visit the church of San Giovanni, with a Gothic layout but remodelled from the Baroque era onwards, the Capuchin Convent and the remarkable Filatoio Rosso, that currently hosts the Piedmontese Silk Museum with an exhibition area for modern and contemporary art exhibitions.


The Valley opens up in all its alpine charm. Right here, at an altitude of 1800 meters, stands a shrine dedicated to San Magno whose origins seem to date back to cults of the pre-Roman populations. Castelmagno is not only the name of a town, but also of the delicious PDO cheese produced in the high valley pastures.

A vacation in these ancient villages is a good opportunity to discover the pictorial works of Pietro from Saluzzo and other artists of the ‘400, but also to taste delicacies such as potato gnocchi seasoned with Castelmagno, “madernassa” pears, jams of small fruits and artisan liqueurs.

Fairs and events:

• Caraglio – Fiera d’Autunno e Sagra dei Gnocchi al Castelmagno – September
• Caraglio – Aj a Caraj – November
• Castelmagno – Festa patronale di San Magno – August
• Monterosso Grana – Fr. Sancto Lucio de Coumboscuro – Festenal – July
• Monterosso Grana – Fr. Sancto Lucio de Coumboscuro – Roumiage – end of August /beginning of September

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