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In this area, where nature reigns supreme, beekeepers, shepherds and producers offer excellent quality products.


Climbing up, in the heart of the Alta Langa, we discover this delightful town set like a pearl in the succession of hills, villages, churches and bell towers. Murazzano is one of the highest towns in the Langhe, at over 700 meters above sea level, where the eponymous cheese with sheep’s milk or mixed sheep-cow is born. The Murazzano PDO is a Slow Food Presidium and can be consumed after about ten days or mature over two months. Depending on the seasoning it has different aromatic qualities. The fresh type is definitely interesting.


It appears as a small country town that has preserved an archaic, medieval appearance. Yet Bergolo gave birth to artistic and cultural events that soon surpassed the boundaries of the hills.


Perla delle Langhe or Paese delle Rose is one of the few centres to have given development to every tourist potential, taking advantage of its location, climate and landscape. The central Via Umberto I, in the spring turns into a real rose garden: 10 thousand roses scattered everywhere, on the balconies, on the doors, in order to frame the street. Seat of the Comunità Montana Alta Langa, an institution for the cultural promotion of the territory, here it is possible to receive information on the whole area. In short, tourists choose Bossolasco!


With its 2300 inhabitants it is the main centre of the Alta Langa, located in a typical area for wines, mushrooms and hazelnuts. What you will see along the roads that lead to Cortemilia is a splendid landscape, an ideal environment for pleasant horse riding, mountain biking and trekking. The traditional sport here is the elastic ball, a spectacular and engaging team game. A fundamental role is played by hazelnut-related events, the driving force of the local economy, the most important of which is the festival which takes place at the end of August.

The hazelnut festival

Now in its 65th edition, the 2019 hazelnut festival will take place from 18th to 26th August. After the inauguration ceremony will follow the characteristic parade of “Nizurere and Nizurin” through the streets of the town with the traditional hazelnut throw, the Confraternity of the Gentle Round Hazelnut, the flag wavers and other musical entertainment.

Do not miss the opportunity to combine this important local product with a selection of excellent culinary specialties from the Langhe and other typical products, for tasting and selling, which will offer visitors a real food and wine experience through the streets of the historic centre. On Saturday night on the banks of the Bormida is scheduled a fireworks show that will enchant kids and adults, but we cannot forget some important appointments such as: “Profumi di Nocciola”, the Regional Hazelnut Fair of Piedmont PGI Hazelnut and the Langa wine and typical products (now on its 21st edition), the prestigious “Premio Novi Qualità” and the competition dedicated to hazelnut cakes “Pasticceri allo baraglio”.

Musical evenings, entertainment, entertainment and games dedicated to children, craft stalls and collectibles, will complete an important event of the Piedmontese summer.

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