The contrasting landscape of the Tanaro valley

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The Tanaro Valley is the bridge linking Piedmont the neighbouring provinces of Imperia and Savona in the Ligurian Riviera. The landscape is therefore very varied.


Worth a visit for the ancient medieval village, the geo-speleological museum, the Sanctuary of Valsorda and the waters of the S. Bernardo springs, marketed all over the world. In winter, winter sports enthusiasts can experience the thrill of skiing looking at the sea from the slopes of Garessio2000. This place can also be discovered through its delicious food,  which is composed of fragrant hors d’oeuvres from mountain herbs, from the characteristic Panada (the vegetable soup), without forgetting the tasty white polenta or Saracena. Finally there are the cheeses of the valleys: Raschera, Brusso, toma of goat and sheep, ricotta, Suola, …


It is a precious town in the Tanaro Valley surrounded by a mountainous territory rich in woods and streams that allow beautiful walks and interesting excursions to discover mountain villages scattered in a natural setting. Ormea is an important summer resort whose historic centre, with its strong Ligurian influence, is marked by narrow streets called “trevi”. The parish church of S. Martino boasts Gothic frescoes of the fourteenth century, a crucifixion of the Moncalvo and a precious ethnographic museum. The Ormeasco dialect, which is spoken only in Ormea, is a curious mixture of Piedmontese, Ligurian, French and Arabic phonemes, a linguistic heritage due to the passage of the Saracens. From the gastronomic point of view here you can taste fözze, fried tultei, sc-ciancui, are just some of the local specialties that are accompanied by light wines such as sciacrà.

In the area of Bagnasco are produced beans, in that of  Ormea potatoes, white turnips from Caprauna and white and dried chestnuts, called “garessine”, these are  only some of the products of agriculture in the valley, while in the woods there are mushrooms as well as blueberries and wild strawberries. Typical mountain cheeses are produced in the mountain pastures, in particular the small Sore or Tome and the large forms of Raschera d’Alpeggio, while the most typical dish is the Saracen polenta, to be seasoned with the traditional sauce of milk, leeks and mushrooms.

Fairs and events:

• Bagnasco – Il Bal do sabre – May
• Nucetto – Ceciata alla zingarella – end of July  
• Nucetto – Festa del Cece – October
• Garessio – Sagra della polenta saracena – September
• Garessio – Sagra della Castagna Garessina – October
• Ormea – Sagra della polenta saracena – July 
• Ormea – Sagra della lasagna all’ormeasca – July 
• Ormea – Sagra del Raschera e dei formaggi d’alpeggio e discesa dai pascoli montani – September
• Ormea – Gran Castagnata – October

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