Tourism, wellness and sport in the Stura Valley

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The valley is crossed throughout its territory by the Stura river, which flows from Lake Maddalena to almost 2000 meters high, and impetuously reaches the gorges of the Olla and separates the Maritime Alps from the Cottian Alps.

The main cities

Borgo San Dalmazzo

This town with an important historic past is a lively centre full of events famous also outside its natural borders. The first one is unmissable for all those who  love snails, protagonists of the traditional Cold Fair. The second one is dedicated to the greenery, the environment and the truly unique nature of its neighbouring valleys.


It is a very ancient Alpine village that was and still is an important communication hub between the high Occitan valleys. Thanks to a road that can be travelled by car, it allows the ascent to the valley of the Arma and then the Colle del Mulo and Esischie.
Here you can practice various types of sports such as rafting or horseback riding in summer and ski touring or snowshoe trekking in winter.

Vanet Cavallo


It is a municipality located in the Alta Valle Stura di Demonte, to the left of the stream, on the cone of confluence of the Neraissa valley. It is famous for its baths, a large spa, whose sulphur water is a panacea against rheumatism.

Hotel Corborant – Bagni di Vinadio

Fairs and events:

•  Borgo San Dalmazzo – Fiera Fredda – 5th December
•  Demonte – Fiera di San Luca – October (parade of animals coming back from the mountain pastures)
•  Various locations – Canoe races – April and September
•  Vinadio – Fiera dei Santi e Mostra della pecora sambucana – last Sunday of October / before November

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