The Cuneo province: land of plains, hills and mountains

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An area that offers multiple reasons of interest, ranging from the splendour of uncontaminated nature, to the important traces of history and art, from local cultural traditions, to tasty and highly appreciated delicacies of food and wine.

In this province there is everything (apart from the sea, which however is very close): there are the splendid mountains, very green in summer, there are the ski resorts of Limone, Artesina, Frabosa, Prato Nevoso, Pontechianale, the Baths at Lurisia, Garessio, Valdieri, Vinadio, the mountain huts and the equipped trails of the GTA (Grande Traversata Alpina), many art cities, Saluzzo in the lead, castles and towers,  churches rich in frescoes even in the most remote corners, the hills of Langhe and Roero. Above all, here you can find great  food and wines, which  are fundamental tourist attraction. In Granda you can eat and drink very well, you can taste for example truffles, the fine cuisine  and great wines, which are a very powerful attraction.

Valle Varaita

The aim of this issue is to bring to the attention not only foreigners, more and more numerous in our area, but also to the Cuneo area inhabitants, a greater deepening of the history, culture and landscape of this south-western strip of Piedmont.

In these pages divided by areas, we will describe some of the cities and towns of the province of Cuneo, each marked with their own map and told through the historical past, the beautiful landscapes and monuments to be visited, along with ideas about the industries and commercial activities that constitute the socio-economic fabric.

In short, a guide that offers tourist itineraries, which from the rolling hills of Langhe and Roero, explore the productive plains of Fossanese and Saviglianese, up to the numerous Alpine valleys of the Cuneo, Monregalese and Saluzzese areas, which can be visited both in summer and in winter.

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