The beauty of the woods

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The Valley of the Ligurian Alps, is characterised by the beauty and extension of the woods as well as by the variety of flora and fauna protected by the institution of the Marguareis Natural Park.


Art lovers will not miss the opportunity to admire frescoes of the ‘400 and’ 500 in the Church of the Madonna dei Boschi and in the nearby Chapel of San Francesco.

Church of Madonna dei Boschi

Chiusa Pesio

The Municipality of Chiusa Pesio, located at the foot of the valley, welcomes visitors in the characteristic historical centre, home to the Museum of the Royal Glass and Crystal Factory. From here you can start to follow cultural routes, food and wine itineraries and walks in the nearby woods, among archaeological finds, nineteenth-century hunting lodges, ruins of ancient fortifications, churches and country chapels. The famous Certosa di Santa Maria, built in the 12th century, is definitely worth a stop and is rightly considered a centre of religious ardour and high artistic expression. The ancient town will lead you through the discovering of the common thread which links man and the environment.


It is a municipality that extends partly at the foot of Mount Bisalta in part east of Cuneo, it is known for having given birth to illustrious personalities who have distinguished themselves in the military, cultural and social fields. The city is also interesting for tourism, with suggestive itineraries through chestnut woods and pristine springs.

Fairs and events:

•    Chiusa Pesio (Fraz. San Bartolomeo) – Falò di San Giovanni – June
•    Chiusa Pesio – Chius’Arte – June
•    Chiusa Pesio – Chiusa Aperta – August / September
•    Chiusa Pesio – Festa del Marrone – October

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